how to download noël mixes

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downloading podcasts to iTunes - it’s easy...

iTunes is available for PC and Mac, and it’s free - get it here.

podcasts feed free audio to you - subscribe to noël’s classic mix archive here, or to more recent mix sessions here.

in iTunes, locate the Podcast folder - you’ll find it in the ‘Library’ section below the play/pause button (see image, top right).

the latest mix will automatically download into the Podcast folder. You will an orange icon by any downloading audio (centre image).

hit the ‘get’ buttons to download additional audio of your choice (lower image).

If you requested several mixes, iTunes places then in a queue and dloads a few at a time

enjoy at your leisure.


- what do you get?

The classic archive gives you access to a selection of noël sessions from the past 15 years, with new treasures being added regularly. Every time a mix is published on these pages, it will automatically pop into your iTunes Podcast folder. You won’t have to regularly return to to check what’s fresh.

You can stop receiving audio at any time by hitting ‘unsubscribe’ on the podcast page in iTunes. Downloaded mixes can be deleted from iTunes like any other track - as if you’d want to!

- can’t find what you’re looking for?

Try the search field on this page. Failing that, full track listings for most mixes from the last ten years can be found in this document here. If you see something you like, drop me an email and I’ll upload it for you.

- link no longer working?

If you’re audio feed stops working, it probably means I’ve had to change something in the architecture of the site. Sorry about that. Just visit the classic archive at and hit ‘subscribe’ once again.

File formats vary, but all are compatible with iTunes. Some files are chaptered so you can jump between tracks in the mix - just look for ‘Chapters’ in the iTunes menu bar when playing a mix. This also details the names of tracks, which can also be found in the ‘Lyrics’ panel of a mix’s Track Info. The files are large ( >100 MB) so a high speed broadband connection is advised. Orange mobile customers in the UK can get broadband for free - info here.  Haha!

iTunes is not the only way to listen too podcasts, but as some of the audio on this site is ‘enhanced’ with images and chapters, it is recommended for these features.